Friday, June 24, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Comming On Nokia N8!

Comming 8th July NASA STS-135 Mission Begin For Final Flight !
In This Year  Last ISS Tour photo And Video Collection From NASA!
Don't Mistake Your Chance To Sturdy On Ferris Stat University!
Admission On Largest University In India!
In 1932 Two Births was worked in Indian Air Force!
U.S. Submarine 'C-1' First Conducted In 1909 For Long Range & High Speed Operation!
The First International Space Station Was 'Salyut -1'
Apply For Uk Student Visa!
Mexican Police Capture Top Drug Cartel Boss!
Lenovo G575 Laptop 2.0MP Camera With $599 price!
Apply For USA Green Card, Don't Mistake Your Chance!
Free Download VoxOx 2.5.0 Messenger For Your PC!
Apollo 11 Mission Summary!
16 June IBM Institute Celebrate 100 Years On Technology World!

It was to loosely resemble the chunky Nokia N8, Nokia announced it was to adopt Windows Phone, casting the N9′s very existence into doubt, Thats it the N8 is now officially my last Nokia phone, Windows Phone 7 sucked compared to Symbian features

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